Now that the AFC and NFC Championship Games are over—and everyone is finally starting to get tired of talking about Richard Sherman—let's talk Super Bowl! Super Bowl XLVIII is set to take place in New York City on February 2 between the Seahawks and Broncos and…wait, what's that, New Jersey residents? The Super Bowl isn't actually taking place in New York City? It's taking place at MetLife Stadium in—gulp—East Rutherford, N.J.?!? Well, that doesn't sound like much fun!

It's true, though. Although this year's Super Bowl is being billed as "Super Bowl XLVIII in New York" by many, the truth is that the game is actually going to be played in East Rutherford, a relatively small town in New Jersey that has a population of just 8,913. It's close to New York—East Rutherford is about seven miles from midtown Manhattan—but it's not actually New York. And we bring this up because, at the moment, social media is filled with New Jersey residents (and geography nuts!) who are just dying to point out that the Super Bowl is going to be played in New Jersey and not in New York this year.

Want proof? We've got it. We scoured Twitter this morning to track down 25 of the best "THE SUPER BOWL IS NOT IN NEW YORK!" tweets that we could find. These folks are not happy about some media outlets billing Super Bowl XLVIII as New York City's Super Bowl. Just check out what they've had to say:

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