We learned about the RYNO single-wheel electric motorcycle in 2012 and sort of forgot about it for a while. RYNO Motors has been quietly improving the design and now have a product that is street legal and pretty badass. Inspired by a Dragon Ball vehicle, the steel-frame microcycle is a concept that we never thought we'd live to see as a real thing, let alone one that anyone can own. It is a little disappointing that what we thought would be a 25mph bike is actually a 10mph bike that can only go 10 miles on a charge, but for commuters that should be plenty, no one wants to drive cross country on this thing anyway. We haven't had a chance to ride it (yet), but Ben Popper over at The Verge did, and they produced this review video following his 20-minute RYNO lesson on a chilly day in Brooklyn:

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[via TheVerge]