Lotus has been breaking records recently, and not in a good way. The £168 Million ($278 Million) loss announced in March was decidedly not a good thing. Former CEO Danny Bahar's grand plan to turn Lotus into an English version of Ferrari crashed and burned, and for the last 18 months the company has been restructuring and laying the foundation for a new era.

Overhead has been cut by about 50%, and the company is hoping to be making 45-50 cars per week soon for an annual output of around 2,000 cars per year. Right now the company is up to 40/week. There are also 120 projects with other manufacturers in the works and 110 projected motorsport sales, which are particularly lucrative. When asked about what new cars might be coming, COO Aslam Farikullah says there are “a number of exciting new projects under development.”

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[via Autocar