It's been rough season for J.R. Smith so far. The 2012-13 Sixth Man of the Year is averaging just 11 PPG (down 18.1 PPG last season) and shooting a career-low .348 from the field. Swish has also had a few memorable miscues. There was his ill-fated three-point attempt in the Knicks loss on Saturday followed by video of him untying Shawn Marion's shoe laces in New York's game vs. the Mavericks on Sunday night. 

J.R. isn't the only one to resort to playground antics on the hardwood though. Numerous players have thrown shoes, grabbed jerseys, and pulled down opponent's shorts in order to get an edge. From Michael Jordan to Ron Artest, here is a Brief History of On-Court NBA Shenanigans.

**We chose to keep the shenanigans gear-related and not to include particularly heinous acts like nut grabs. Word to Reggie Evans.**