Happy National Hug Day!

Wait, did you forget that today is National Hug Day? SHAME ON YOU! This day only comes around once a year and…

Okay, okay, so we forgot about it, too. In fact, we didn't even know that National Hug Day was a real thing until, like, 10 minutes ago. We were alerted to it, weirdly enough, by this tweet that the San Diego Padres sent out a little while ago:

Then we noticed that the Arizona Diamondbacks were celebrating National Hug Day, too:

And so were the Oakland Athletics:

Clearly, MLB teams love National Hug Day. So we thought, what the hell, let's embrace the fact that this nation has devoted an entire 24-hour period to hugging.

According to this, National Hug Day has been around since 1986 and was created in order to demonstrate how good hugs can be for the human mind and body. So we encourage you to go ahead and give someone a hug right now and see how it works. Drake does it, and it works for him! So we're betting a few hugs could do your body good, too.

And once you're done doing that—okay, seriously, stop, that's enough!—check out these 10 images of athletes, coaches, and even mascots (!) hugging:

Awwwwwww. Don't those just make you feel warm and fuzzy inside?! Okay, now back to your regularly scheduled programming…

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