Lil Wayne knows a thing or two about talking some trash. Turn on any album or mixtape that he's ever recorded and he'll prove it to you over and over and over again. So it's safe to say that Wayne is a pretty good judge of talent when it comes to talking trash. And he is not a fan of the way that Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman goes about trash-talking on and off the football field.

Over the weekend, Wayne spoke with Peter King for his weekly MMQB column. And Wayne talked to King about a bunch of different things, including his love for the Packers, his days of playing fullback (yes, fullback) as a kid, and his Super Bowl XLVIII prediction. But the most interesting part of the interview took place when Wayne seemed to imply that what Sherman does on the field is all an act and that he's not as good at talking trash as he leads us to believe.

"To me, the Richard Sherman thing…I think he does it, I don't want to say for attention, I don't believe it's for attention, but I believe there is a technique to what he is doing," Wayne explained. "It all of a sudden doesn't seem so natural. It seems like it used to be Richard Sherman loves to talk trash, but now, it's kind of a technique. Not natural. I've seen people go back at him, and when they tell him something back or he gets his face busted, there's no more barking. That tells me, I'm not really like this, I'm really not aggressive."

Wayne didn't stop there, either. He also went on to say that he doesn't think Sherman is as great at playing cornerback as other people think he is.

"I know the media likes to say he's backing [his trash-talking] up with his play," he said. "Well, Richard Sherman comes from the same place I come from, the street, and he's doing a lot of talking where he really can't back it up. I think he's a shutdown corner. But a great player? No. Great? I don't think he's a great player. Now if he plays great against Peyton [Manning], that will be huge. If he performs tremendously, that will [change things]."

Wow. So Wayne doesn't think Sherman is great at talking trash or playing football? Which one of Sherman's teammates is going to print this article out and tape it inside of Sherman's locker this week? Because this might be the best bulletin board material he's received all season.

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