Game: Super Bowl XXXVI, New Orleans (2002) / Super Bowl XLII, Glendale, Ariz. (2008)
People involved: New England Patriots

Incident: The allegations that Bill Belichik and his staff had engaged in illegally videotaping coaching signals and actual practices were leveled early in the 2008 season. Belichick and the Patriots were punished by the league and forced to apologize. But the plot thickened when former Patriots video assistant Matt Walsh came out with claims that the Pats had taped the St. Louis Rams walkthrough before their Super Bowl clash back in 2002.

Result: The Patriots denied the allegations, but perhaps they took their tole. The undefeated Patriots missed out on perfection with a 17-14 loss to the New York Giants. Walsh was dismissed as shaky, and the Boston Herald, who reported the story, eventually ran a retraction. Did the Patriots have a little extra edge when they took down the greatest show on turf? The world may never know.