Game: Super Bowl XXXVII, San Diego (2003)
People involved: Barret Robbins, Oakland Raiders

Incident: Twenty four hours before the big game, Robbins, who had a history of depression, disappeared from the team hotel and ended up going on a drinking binge in Tijuana, Mexico. Can't make this shit up. Here's the kicker: Robbins claimed he was so delusional that he thought the Raiders already won the game.

Result: After the Raiders' starting center finally resurfaced, he was sent home for being an incoherent mess. Robbins got to watch the Tampa Bay Bucs crush the Raiders, 48-21, from a San Diego hospital. He would later say that he thought if he played in the game, the Raiders would have won. Maybe he snuck some tequila into that IV. Another reason a Super Bowl in the north isn't such a bad idea.