Super Bowl XLVIII is almost upon us. All the build up, all the hype, is about to culminate in the leagues most efficient offense squaring off against the stingiest defense. But before the big game comes the ridiculous circus that is, Super Bowl week. The media is out in full force looking for every angle from key game matchups to what Wes Welker and Richard Sherman are having for lunch and how that could factor into the game on Sunday. While the week is always highlighted by famous faces, awesome fan opportunities, and dope shindigs, there is also a darker side to the seven days leading up to the game.

If you believe the past repeats itself, then this year could prove to be too much for some of the athletes playing in the game or some of the A-listers surrounding the event. Hell, trouble could even strike in a different city all together. Whether it’s the big stage or the lengthy period between the Conference Championships and the Super Bowl itself, there always seems to be an incident during Super Bowl weekend that makes the nation give one collective shake of the head. If it’s happened in Indianapolis, then you can bet some next-level scandal will go down in New York. From Barret Robbins' Tijuana bender to Brett Favre gettin’ down on Bourbon Street, check out, A History of Super Bowl Shenanigans.

Written by Adam Silvers (@silversurfer103)