Back in November, Eric Rivera was found guilty of second-degree murder and armed robbery for his role in the 2007 killing of former NFL star Sean Taylor. And earlier today, the 23-year-old—who was 17 when Taylor was killed—was sentenced to prison on those charges. He will serve the next 57.5 years in a state prison.

One of the other men who took part in the attempted robbery at Taylor's home in November 2007—25-year-old Venjah Hunte—already pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and burglary charges and is serving a 29-year sentence for his role in the crime. And the three other men who took part in it—Jason Mitchell, 25, Charles Wardlow, 24, and Timothy Brown, 22—are currently awaiting trial. But at least some justice has been served with regards to Taylor's killing now.

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[via NBC Miami]