Former Redskins safety Sean Taylor was murdered at his home in Palmetto Bay, Fla. nearly six years ago. Yet, the fate of his suspected killer was still up in the air this month. Until now.

Earlier today, a jury found Eric Rivera—the 23-year-old man pictured above who was alleged to have pulled the trigger and killed Taylor during a botched robbery attempt on November 27, 2007—guilty of second-degree murder and armed robbery. It took jurors 16 hours over the course of four days to arrive at their verdict. But they found that Rivera and four other men invaded Taylor's home back in 2007 and that Rivera was ultimately the one who was responsible for shooting Taylor in the groin and killing him.

Rivera has not been sentenced to prison yet. But he could potentially face life behind bars. Meanwhile, three of the other men involved in the killing have pleaded not guilty and are awaiting trial, while the fourth pleaded guilty to second-degree murder already and is serving a 29-year prison sentence.

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[via Miami Herald]

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