With the New Year comes a new resolution, a new you, and a new outlook on life (which will surely be crushed by February, at the latest). Expect no changes (unless you're an Oregonian who wants to eat placenta) and expect the Internet to be as troll-heavy as ever. It wouldn't be the same if you couldn't be attacked for any innocuous comment, at any time, by a complete stranger. That means you can expect many more stupid comments, with sports stories being no exception.

The topics that seemed to light up the boards this week were: Dwyane Wade's, uh...familial addition, Chris Kluwe's comments on the Vikings brass, and Aaron Rodgers' sexuality. That's what we in the know call a slow news week. Or, at least we would if it didn't involve BCS Bowls and the final week of the NFL season. That same Aaron Rodgers threw a touchdown against what was allegedly the "Chicago Bears defense." But stupid comments stem from stupid stories. Here were the Dumbest Sports Comments from 12/27 through 1/2.