Junior college basketball recruit Cinmeon Bowers committed to Florida State back in September and is set to join the Seminoles next season. At least, that was the plan. But following his recent arrest, Seminoles head coach Leonard Hamilton might reconsider whether or not Bowers is a good fit for the Florida State program.

So what did Bowers do? Well, according to the Marianna Police Department in Marianna, Fla., Bowers was riding in a car with two of his teammates from Chipola College last Thursday when they were pulled over for speeding. And when a police officer approached their car, he smelled marijuana. However, he did not find any physical evidence of marijuana in the car or on Bowers or his teammates. And that's because the three men allegedly ate the weed in an effort to hide it from police.

They were not successful, though. A short time later, all three men were arrested and charged with tampering with evidence. They were later released but all three have been suspended by Chipola, pending the end of the legal investigation against them. And Hamilton told ESPN that he is also going to let the legal process play out before he decides whether or not to rescind Bowers' scholarship offer from Florida State. What a way for Bowers to make his first headline for the Seminoles.

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