Being December is probably one of the most-pressured jobs in the world. Not only do you have to think about closing the year right, you're saying to yourself, "Fuck, somebody is going to be bitching about something on Christmas. Anderson Silva is about to come back and everybody's gonna hyped about that like being an MMA fighter is harder than being a month with Jesus's (not Aaron Rodgers, like the actual Jesus) birthday. And what's with these Cowboys' fans always hoping like they know they're not going to make the playoffs?"

While Christmas was underwhelming in sports (December: "That ain't on me. The Nets and Knicks insist—INSIST—on shitting the bed."), the other 30 days usually wasn't, especially from the 14th onward in a stretch that saw an infamously cocky fighter take his first loss, a possibly tragic end to a career, and a day that just saw a huge amount of craziness in the NFL. Although the personification of December probably isn't as bitchy as we've made it seem, the Most Ridiculous Sports GIFs of December 2013 definitely has some of the most memorable of the year.

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