When the latest Audi Quattro Concept was unveiled, we we seriously underwhelmed. It was a heavy and powerful hybrid that would cost more than a top-spec R8, but wouldn't be as fast, and it looked nowhere near as cool as the amazing sketches released only days prior. We said it looked like a cool $50,000 car, rather than the range topper it was supposed to be.

Now Audi is reportedly planning to make the car into a more accessible sports car. It will be based on a shortened version of the A6's platform, will weigh in at 2,866 lbs, and initially be powered by a 310 hp 2.5L I5. More powerful variants will come later. It could also receive some styling tweaks derived from the Nanuk concept, which is more like what this car should have been in the first place.

If the Quattro can tackle a dirt rally stage with aplomb, we'll love this thing.

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[via GT Spirit