In November Cadillac's newly hired Chief Marketing Officer Uwe Ellinghaus admitted that Cadillac, while admired, isn't exactly the most relevant brand today. Within the first month of Ellinghaus taking charge—he started January 1—we're already seeing a push for relevancy, with the help of A-Trak

The DJ stars in Cadillac's new spot for the 2015 ATS Coupe. In a fitting representation of the brand's transition, A-Trak cuts up a bunch of classic tunes and seasons them with modern flare. Cadillac's new logo, sans wreath, is displayed prominently throughout the spot and even appears on A-Trak's vinyl. 

It won't be easy for Cadillac to grab the attention of millennials as they start to become key car consumers, but placing A-Trak as the face of the marketing campaign is a smart move. 

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[via Do Androids Dance?