One team is 8-17 and barely survived Brandon Knight and another poor J.R. Smith shooting performance. One team is 9-16; John Wall and the Wizards reign supreme over New York. One team came from the land of Shaolin...and got an ass beating. They're all off to rough starts early in this basketball season. But only one can be The Worst Basketball Team in New York Today. 


Be inspired by the Knicks' perseverance in their game against the Milwaukee Bucks. It was a close game, but this time the Knicks actually won in double overtime, 107-101. This came despite another below average shooting performance by J.R. Smith. He had 19 points, but was 7-for-23 in the game. Smith took the "Shoot your way out of the funk" advice seriously it seems. The Knicks also withstood a big 22-point first half (36-point game) from Brandon Knight. So is the Knicks come-up finally here? With the Thunder coming up in a few games, we wouldn't bet on it. Having Tyson Chandler back certainly helps things though.

It's games like these that separate the Nets from a good team and an average one. The Wizards are a decent team by Eastern Conference standards, but Brooklyn losing to them is a bit troubling since it's strength increased with Brook Lopez back in the lineup. The Nets do get props for shooting over 50 percent. You know what else would've been dope, though? If they didn't allow 19 rebounds and got outrebounded by 20. Perhaps the possibility of blowing out Philadelphia again will lift their spirits.


The Seattle Seahawks are killing it with no question. The Wagner Seahawks of Staten Island? Meh, they fall at the opposite end. The Seahawks got their wings clipped by La Salle an 80-54 defeat. That's also the second time they were blown out too; Rider handled Wagner 79-58. A quick suggestion: Get better with rebounds. They've been beaten by over 30 in that category these past two games.


The Knicks...again, even though they won. Wagner got beat—badly—but at least it's to a decent team according to the record. New York is getting ready to play one of the best teams in the league—on Christmas, mind you—and it's merely outlasting the worst team in the NBA. Knicks better get ready, because Kevin Durant and crew certainly will be.