It was a good day for the Denver Broncos. Well, mostly. While most of today's coverage will revolve around the Broncos' 37-13 win over the Houston Texans, as well as Peyton Manning breaking the single-season touchdown record and eclipsing the 5,000 passing yard mark, one thing that will fly under the radar could hurt the team the most. Early in the today's game against the Texans, Von Miller went down with what was initially being ruled as a knee injury. 

Now, the Broncos are concerned that the knee injury could actually be a torn ACL. Of course, nothing will be for certain until the team conducts some other tests tomorrow. There is the hope that Miller could grin and bear it by sporting a brace in the playoffs, but they won't be able to come to those conclusions until they know the severity of the injury. 

Here's to hoping for the best for Von. 

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[via The Denver Post]