So Tom Brady and the Patriots are just trolling us now, right? Er, right?! 

Back in Week 6, the Pats QB attempted to give Julian Edelman a high-five during a game against the Saints, only to have Edelman completely ignore him:

Then, in Week 9, Brady had this awkward exchange with a few teammates before LeGarrette Blount high-fived him:

And during yesterday's win against the Ravens, Brady really, really, really wanted to high-five someone at the end of the game. But uhhhhhhh…

No love for Brady?! Or does Brady know that we love seeing him get no love and tell his teammates not to high-five him so that he lands on the Internet every other week? It's too confusing. But at this point, we fully expect this to happen again. So stay tuned.

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[via FOX Sports]

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