The Brooklyn Nets are, hands down, the most disappointing team in the NBA right now. Although the Nets were picked by many NBA analysts to give the Miami Heat a run for their money this season and contend for an NBA title, the Nets will be lucky to finish above .500 this year. And unfortunately, Jason Kidd is starting to believe that his team is OK with that.

"I think it is getting very close to [us] just accepting losing," he said in the days leading up the Nets' Christmas Day game against the Chicago Bulls today. "We are kind of getting comfortable with losing. And we got to make a stand with that because when things get tough, do we just give in? And most of the time right now we do."

After Kidd made his comments, Deron Williams came out and said that the Nets are not OK with losing and that losing is "not fun" for him. But when are the Nets going to step up and do something about their losing ways?

For all of our sakes, we hope that they start to do it today. The Bulls/Nets game, which airs at 12 p.m., looked like it was going to be a great game at the start of the season. But now? Well, let's just say that we're probably going to be playing with our new PS4 or riding our new bike or doing just about anything to avoid watching that game. Unless, of course, the Nets promise to actually show up. What's it gonna be, guys?

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]