As legendary as Kobe Bryant is, it's hard to get past how a player who's partially made his name off his athletic ability is now 35. We've seen Bryant switching up to more of a shooter style to compensate for his aging athleticism, but that offensive output is never going to get any better. Granted, Bryant did have some career highlight performances like the 42 points he put up during last March's game against the Hornets. In the next few years, it won't be just Bryant the scorer fighting against father time; his tendon is also in on the battle.

He would've had his whole career ahead of him if he was 21 years old, but not so much 14 years later according to Dr. Ken Huh. "But when you're 34, your body doesn't really recover that way, and for him, with the injury coming to his jump leg, that same explosiveness he needs probably is not going to be there." That's despite hard work in rehab to get back when he did. Now he has to deal with another injury and rehab that.. -Brian Josephs