Even though the Oklahoma City Thunder defeated the Chicago Bulls, 107-95, tonight, don't expect Kendrick Perkins to be in the type of mood to let stuff slide because of a W. According to CBS Sports' Royce Young, Thabo Sefolosha was hanging out with Joakim Noah in the Bulls' locker room when Thabo invited Noah back to the Thunder locker room while he finished interviews. As you may recall, Sefolosha and Noah were both with the Bulls from 2007-09. However, none of that mattered to Perkins when he saw the Bulls center.

Here is the account of Thunder beat writer from The Oklahoman, Anthony Slater, of how their "discussion" went down: 

While the interaction seems a little confrontational towards the end, Young says that the whole thing was more "kind of tense, but it didn't escalate to anything." Young also added the following: 

Well, we're just surprised Perkins needed to say anything. Why didn't he just hit Noah with one of these faces and that would've been the end of that?

Good luck sleeping tonight. 

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[via Royce Young]