Jonathan Martin's days with the Miami Dolphins are probably done. Although the Dolphins haven't made a final decision regarding Martin's future with the team just yet, a Miami Herald report that was released earlier today indicates that Martin will likely be traded prior to the start of the 2014-15 NFL season. It appears as though the team doesn't think Martin has much of a future in Miami, so he will be "traded to the highest bidder" during the offseason.

If Martin is traded, both him and Richie Incognito will be playing for new teams next season because Incognito has also reportedly played his final game in Miami. Where they'll both land is really anyone's guess at this point. But it's pretty crazy to think about the fact that both players affected the Dolphins team immensely this season—and yet, neither of them will actually be with the team when they kick off next season.

On a related note, the Miami Herald is also reporting that the NFL is probably not going to release details about the investigation into Incognito's alleged bullying of Martin anytime soon. The last thing they want to do is stir up controversy about the situation during the NFL Playoffs. So this is likely the last you'll hear about Martin and Incognito for awhile.

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[via Eye on Football]