The Chick-fil-A Bowl between No. 20 Texas A&M and No. 22 Duke isn't until New Year's Eve, so in the meantime, Johnny Manziel is utilizing his downtime in Georgia to do everything from enjoying the sights and sounds to chilling out with teammates to taking pictures with fans and a very handsy Chick-fil-A cow. Wait, what? Hit the thumbs to see Manziel, fully decked out in the gear of his two current loves of his life, Aggies football and Cash Money/OVO, share an intimate, hand-in-hand moment with the Chick-fil-A cow. 

Hey Johnny Football, after this pic, did you take the cow to the $1 jelly shot wheel off in the distance? No one's judging, fam. In fact, maybe licking a cherry shot off that rawhide would be utterly fabulous. OK, OK, corny. We know, we know. 

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[via @GBHunting]