Nets forward Joe Johnson is going to make about $21.5 million this season as a result of the 6-year, $119 million contract he signed a few years back. And on most nights, he looks like the most overpaid NBA player on the planet. But last night, in a game against the 76ers, Johnson earned every penny of his game check.

In the clip above, you can see Johnson score 29 points in the third quarter of the game with 24 of those 29 points coming as a result of Johnson's record-tying eight three-pointers in the quarter. For the game, Johnson finished with 10 three-pointers and 37 points, and the Nets beat the Sixers 130-94. We don't know what Johnson did differently before, during, or after last night's game. But whatever it is, he needs to keep doing it.

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[via YouTube]