Right now, Carmelo Anthony is playing out of his mind, but the New York Knicks are still the second-worst team in the NBA with a 3-13 record and according to Melo, "the laughingstock of the league right now." Even though there could be greener pastures in his future via free agency, Anthony must continue to weather the storm and that includes a certain former head coach taking a not-so-veiled shot at him. 

Here's what Anthony's former Nuggets coach, George Karl, had to say about him to ESPN's Jay Williams:

So, Mr. "1131-756 overall record with no chips to his name" has something to say about Melo, huh? Look, usually we don't like to pick sides and would rather leave the conversation up to y'all, but we should point out this tweet by @NetsDaily, of all people:

Hey Karl, ever heard the phrase, "People who live in a glass house shouldn't throw stones"? Yeah... 

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[via SB Nation]