We've seen trucks that carry ice. Trucks that make ice. And trucks that perform well on ice. But we've never seen one that is entirely made of ice. That is, until this week.

Recently, a company called Canadian Tire wanted to turn heads with a new commercial. So they designed and built a pickup truck using nothing but the frame from a 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 Heavy Duty and ice. Lots and lots and lots of ice. The result was the "ice truck" that you see above. It's completely drivable and appears throughout the duration of the Canadian Tire commercial.

Er, at least, it was drivable. Because the truck was made out of ice, it had to be melted down after the commercial was filmed. But early next month, the commercial will start airing and a whole bunch of people out there will see something that they've never seen before—a truck made out of ice.

Click through the thumbs gallery above to see some photos of the ice truck. How cool is that?

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[via GM Authority]