What do you get for the guy who has everything this holiday season?

That was the question that the Miami Heat players had to ask themselves this week. LeBron James organized a Secret Santa gift exchange amongst the Heat players, and it required each of them to buy a gift for another player on the team. The only rule was that players weren't allowed to go below a certain price point (that price point was, unfortunately, not disclosed).

So what did everyone buy? Well, Michael Beasley bought Roger Mason Jr. some art. Mario Chalmers picked up a few bottles of wine for Shane Battier. And Battier drew Chris Bosh in the gift exchange and bought him a telescope. Uhhh…wait, what?

"For one of the most introspective and intellectual teammates I've ever had, I thought hard about the gift and got him a telescope," Battier said. "Not a gift that many NBA players have. I think he appreciated it."

Okay then. We guess that makes sense.

On another note, we'd love to know what Chris "Birdman" Andersen bought for someone. Who was the lucky guy?

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[via Palm Beach Post]