After only six games with the Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant is back on the disabled list after suffering a fracture in his left knee. While initial reports indicate that Bryant will miss up to six weeks, Charles Barkley believes that the Lakers should just keep him off the court for the rest of the season.    There are plenty of times when Chuck pops off with some craziness, but tonight, he made a lot of sense. Kobe is already fifth all-time in minutes played and even though we hate to even acknowledge it, his body may be breaking down. 

Do you agree with what Barkley has to say here? Or, should Kobe return in the expected six weeks? 

Wow, that whole conversation about Kobe's future was pretty depressing. If you are in need of palate cleanser as much as we are, here's Chuck looking absolutely miserable as Ernie, Shaq and Kenny partake in a brief jam session on the set of Inside the NBA

Ah, that's oddly better. 

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[via Point Forward]