As Zero's Cold War blows across computer screens everywhere the legacy of Jamie Thomas is as solid as ever. The general skating public would likely forgive Jamie for having a few solid tricks in a team montage jammed between the heavier parts of the video. The guy is nearly 40 and has been putting out jaw-dropping parts for almost two decades. In Cold War, The Chief pulls no punches and drops a full three and a half minutes of classic Jamie Thomas. 

The part opens with Jamie shaving his head, going from long hair to skinned head, two looks we have become familiar with over the years. In every part, Jamie’s hair seems to go from one extreme to the other, much like the man himself. The 2006 Entrepreneur Of The Year is back out, running Black Box Distribution to skater, demanding the best from his team and himself. Then comes the slams, an integral part of any Zero production. They aren’t quite as bad as in the past, but getting a face full of asphalt will always serve as good motivation to get up and stick it.

As we get to the tricks, we are met with familiar Jamie Thomas tropes like his stylish 360 flips, boned out melon grabs, and confident hand rail assaults. We have seen these tricks and these spots before. It is pure Jamie Thomas and it is absolutely brilliant. With guest appearances from Zero alumni, including a Zero hoodied Erik Ellington, the whole part just feels like home. Jamie wraps you up in a warm fuzzy Zero blanket and makes you feel like a sunny San Diego afternoon.

While the last part position has been passed to young, fresh-legged riders, Jamie still has a place in the Zero videos. The path he blazed is now a well-worn trail that his riders travel with ease and carry the Zero ethos into an ever brighter future. The Cold War has come. Check out the best of the best with these 25 GIFs of pure gnarliness

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