This is easily the least surprising news of 2013…

A few weeks back, Jerry Ferrera announced that the guys from HBO's hit show, Entourage, will be reuniting in the near future to film the Entourage movie. And lots of athletes, including Kevin Durant, were excited to hear about it. But apparently, no one was more excited about it than Rob Gronkowski. Because according to TMZ, who spoke to one of Gronk's managers earlier this week, the Patriots tight end is going to be bro-ing it up with the Entourage boys and making an appearance alongside Jeremy Piven & Co. in the upcoming film. He's set to play himself in the movie when it starts filming in early 2014.

Surprised? Don't be. Gronkowski is the perfect fit for the film (we can already picture the poolside scene he's going to appear in, complete with beer bongs, topless chicks, and...wait, a minute is that Bill Belichick in a robe?!). So it would actually be more surprising if he wasn't involved in it somehow. But yo, can KD get a cameo, too?! Just saying.

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[via TMZ]