Nyjah Huston makes a serious eleventh hour run at Thrasher's Skater Of The Year with his Fade To Black part. Metalica as a soundtrack seems like an odd music choice for someone who likes driving fancy cars and wearing icy jewelry, but the level of gnarlitude in this part could not be contained by the run of the mill modern rap expected from Nyjah. As the last hammer drops, Metallica was the only possible choice for such a heavy part.

Nyjah and the folks at DC know that his strength is in heavy skateboarding and they cut the chase with a healthy kinker grind just 10 seconds in. The 10-stair kickflip frontside hurricane reminds viewers that Nyjah is not only gnar, but techgnar to the highest degree. Lines, you want lines? Nyjah's got lines, with big rails, kinked rails, and flip tricks into grinds and out of grinds. Manuals, he's got that too.

There is no street style that Nyjah does not excel in. As one of skateboarding's big game hunters, we see new tricks going down at Hollywood High and Rincon but it seems Nyjah must find his own spots now to satisfy his desire for higher kink and stair counts.

The GIF is a limited art form and many of Nyjah's lengthy grinds can not be captured in this format, but please enjoy these 10 gnarly GIFs from Nyjah Huston's Fade To Black part.


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