Who's the best player in the NBA today? LeBron James has that title almost by consensus. You're pushing it a little if you said Kevin Durant. Kobe Bryant? He's a great, but him being the greatest player right now is debatable—highly debatable. But if you really wanted to make an argument, you could say, "Hey man, Michael Jordan said so back in February. What? You're going to argue against a man with six rings?"

Fair enough, but since Bryant is still out with that Achilles injury and may not ever be the same, he surely isn't the best player right now. That's something even Jordan acknowledged in a recent talk with the Associated Press

“It’s hard to pick. It’s hard to say the best player,” Jordan said. “You would have to say LeBron because of what he’s capable of doing. Kobe is coming off an injury and you don’t know where he is going to be at his age. I would have to say LeBron.”

We'd also have to say Jordan doesn't have that much credibility on judging talent to begin with. Why? Becaue Kwame Brown. You're better off paying attention for if he's coming back...which he also touched oun:

“My knees feel good. My feet feel good. Everything on my body feels good and I don’t want to ruin that at the age of 50,” Jordan said. “I may mess around at my camp in Santa Barbara. The kids ask me to dunk and the next thing you know it was all over the news and the Internet. Then Jalen Rose says I’m coming back at 50. I try to stay away from those scenarios as much as possible.”

So not only he shut down our hopes. He sort of made it look silly that we were speculating about his return to begin with. An epic comeback after a 50-year-old dunks on some little kids? C'mon guys.

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]

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