While Derrick Rose captured all of the headlines after going down during last night's game against the Portland Trail Blazers with a right knee injury, Memphis Grizzlies fans were dealt their own fatal blow when their big man, Marc Gasol, also left in the second quarter after favoring his left knee. Take a look at the play in the video below. 

Today, the team conducted an MRI to find out the severity of Gasol's injury and here's the update:

While the "out indefinitely" tag may strike some fear into the heart of Grizzlies fans, it could've definitely been a lot worse. Judging from a past example like the Ravens' Jacoby Jones, who also suffered a Grade 2 MCL sprain without needing surgery earlier in the NFL season, it is conceivable that Gasol will miss somewhere in the range of four to six weeks. Of course, it should be said that every athlete's recovery time is different.  

Now, back to your regular scheduled D-Rose MRI results watch. 

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[via Ken Berger]