When Lionel Messi limped off the pitch just 20 minutes after the start of yesterday's match between Barcelona and Real Betis, Barca fans were likely disappointed that they weren't going to get to see more of Messi. But they're going to be even more disappointed today, because Barcelona just announced that Messi will likely miss the next two months of action due to a left hamstring injury that's going to force him to skip as many as eight matches for Barca.

"According to the club's medical services, the tests taken on Monday morning by Leo Messi have confirmed that the player has suffered a torn muscle in the femoral biceps of his left leg," a statement released a short time ago by Barca said. "The approximate time he will be out is between six and eight weeks. The first part of his recovery will take place in Barcelona and the second, in Buenos Aires."

This isn't the first time Messi has had hamstring issues, either. He has actually had to miss time this year due to injuries to both his left and right hamstrings. But this latest injury is his most serious hamstring injury yet. So he's likely going to take a lot of time off and get the rest and rehab he needs before making a return to Barca.

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