The cold-press juice business is worth $200 million in the United States and Savannah JamesLeBron James' wife—wants in. The newlywed will launch her own Miami juice business called The Juice Spot, which sounds like a Saved By The Bell-ish type name for such a spot but might just work. Can you have a business that's Chris Paul-approved and not work?

Savannah got the idea from listening to James' business meetings with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and Warren Buffett and dealing with her nutritionist while getting in shape for her wedding in September. Despite its genesis, Savannah maintains The Juice Spot is going to be run by her with LeBron's support.

How does this concern you? Well, if you're looking for work, live in Miami or willing to move to Miami, The Juice Spot is hiring. One of the perks is not paying $6-$10 for the drinks, which are the prices Savannah says they will cost.

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[via For The Win]