Last week, James Dolan sat down with the New York Post and did a rare interview to talk about the Knicks. And why did he choose now of all times to do it? Well, if we had to guess, he did it because the Knicks suck at the moment. And he probably wanted to let all of the Knicks fans out there know that things are going to get better.

Unfortunately, though, they haven't gotten any better since he did the interview with the Post. The Knicks have now lost six games in a row and are likely going to make it seven in a row tonight when they play the Clippers in Los Angeles. So Knicks fans are understandably getting frustrated with their team. And one of them let it be known earlier today when he or she hacked into the Wikipedia page for Dolan's band JD & the Straight Shot and changed a handful of the band's song titles to reflect Dolan's mismanagement of the Knicks over the years. Wikipedia has already corrected all the song titles back to what they should be. But this is what the band's page looked like a few hours ago:

Some of the song titles included "Can't Make the Knicks Win," "Slow Motion Turnaround Jumper," featuring J.R. Smith, and our favorite, "Fall From Grace As An Average Owner." It sounds like somebody is maaaaaaad at Dolan, eh? And we can't even blame them. But to be fair here, Dolan isn't the one doing stuff like this right now. So there might be a few other Knicks-related Wikipedia pages that need to be hacked into in the near future.

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[via Extra Mustard]