So much of what you see on the Internet everyday has some kind of negative spin to it. NBA players beefing on Twitter. NFL players going to jail for selling drugs. Athletes across all sports getting arrested for DUIs. So it's nice to see something, well, nice for a change.

The video above features an in-depth interview with Marlins standout pitcher Jose Fernandez. And towards the end of it, Fernandez—who escaped from Cuba when he was 15 and came to America—is reunited with his grandmother from Cuba who he thought he would never see again. The Marlins managed to surprise him and—hold up—is it getting dusty in here or…?

Yeah, you're going to need a tissue (or a box of tissues!) to make it through this. But it's worth watching. It's probably the nicest thing you're going to see on the Internet this week.

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[via Deadspin]