We would imagine that it must be annoying as hell to be a celebrity and have people come up to you asking for your autograph all…day…long. But regardless of how annoying it might be, you can't respond to a fan like this.

George Brett was approached by someone looking for his John Hancock at Kansas City International Airport recently. And while he ended up giving the guy his signature, he also threatened to shoot the man if he ever asked for his autograph again. We don't know the whole back story here—maybe the guy follows Brett around and asks him for his autograph every chance he gets?—but regardless, you obviously can't tell someone you're going to shoot them for asking for your autograph. Especially when you're still involved with Major League Baseball like Brett is.

Watch the interaction between Brett and the fan in the video above. Do you think that he took things too far here?

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[via TMZ Sports]