Dennis Schröder has only been playing in the NBA for four games now. So there are a few things that he still needs to learn. One of those things is that DeMarcus Cousins is $^%&@!# crazy. Seriously. We wouldn't advise doing or saying anything to make him mad. The other thing is that you are not allowed to punch guys in the balls during NBA games. That shouldn't come as a huge surprise to Schröder as punching players in the balls in generally frowned upon at all levels of basketball. But it's something for him to keep in mind moving forward.

Unfortunately, Schröder learned both of those things the hard way the other night when the Hawks rookie took a shot at Cousins below the belt (watch the hit in the video above). Cousins was very, very, very unhappy about it (and understandably so!) and now the NBA has stepped in and hit Schröder with a one-game suspension. He will be forced to sit out tonight's Hawks game against the Nuggets. We hope he learned his lesson.

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[via Deadspin]