People are losing their minds on the road right now, when they're first catching glimpses of sub-$3.00 gas prices. As we told you earlier today, the national average has fallen to $3.18, and more than 70 percent of the country is seeing regular unleaded going for less than 12 quarters (sorry to those who live in the northeast/New England area or California, the two places where prices still remain in the mid-to-high-$3.00 range. 

Because of this huge dip, which has been caused by a recent spike in oil supply, prices are at their lowest in three years, and people don't knwo what to do with themselves. So, like any reasonable human being these days, they take to social media to display their shock. It also seems that most people either don't watch the news or have just become so numb to filling up their cars that they stopped bothering to look at where the price of gas stood.

f you look at Twitter right now, everybody is typing away, boasting about how their area has the cheapest gas. Some are doing it just to celebrate, some are doing to alert others, and some are doing it to justify why it's acceptable to live in the boring places they live. Check it out and let us know just how low gas has dropped in your town on Twitter @ComplexRides

Baton Rouge: 





Statesboro, Ga.




Palm Desert: 


East Memphis: 

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