Do you think that Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley could beat Hakeem Olajuwon and Scottie Pippen in a game of beer pong? To be honest, we never (ever, ever, ever) thought we would have to think about the answer to that question. But it came up during a recent interview between a TMZ reporter and Barkley after photos (and video!) of MJ playing beer pong surfaced last week. And Barkley's response to the TMZ reporter's question was vintage Chuck.

"I'm black!" he yelled. "Black people don't play beer pong."

"Jordan did!" the TMZ reporter responded.

"That doesn't make it right!" Barkley yelled back. "That doesn't make it right…You think they got beer pong in the hood?!"

Watch the clip above to hear more about Barkley's disdain for beer pong. Oh, and for the record, we would take Jordan and Barkley over Olajuwon and Pippen. The Dream Shake probably doesn't translate too well to the beer pong table.

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[via The 700 Level]