Well, this is one way to try and get away from the police... 

Early Saturday morning, a Columbia, S.C. police officer witnessed a drug deal go down while he was on duty and attempted to pull over a vehicle so that he could question a man about the deal that he had just seen. But instead of pulling over to speak with the police officer, the alleged drug dealer decided that he was going to make a break for it. So he led the cop on a short chase and actually ended up getting away. Er, sort of.

At some point, the drug dealer lost control of his car and somehow managed to get into an accident that ended with the car being perched on top of a house:

When police were able to get to the car, the driver was gone. But there was crack cocaine and a bunch of money in the car. So police are currently trying to track down the owner of the car to see if they can get more information about the man who was driving it.

How crazy is that? Check out the video above to hear the owner of the home talk about what happened to his house.

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[via Huffington Post]

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