Year(s): 1979

Thomas Henderson was a linebacker with speed well ahead of his time. He could run a 40 somewhere between 4.3 and 4.6 seconds, and a 100 in 9.5. In techinical terms that is "fast as fuck." His speed wasn't only relegated to his legs it was also being ingested up his nose. By 1979 he was snorting "liquid coke" from an inhaler concealed in his pants (a.k.a. rock bottom). That was also the year of Super Bowl XIII (which is, uh, hold on...13), a Super Bowl in which Henderson claimed to snort coke in-between plays to "anesthetize" his face (though that may just be something addicts tell themselves). A couple years later he was out of the NFL and has claimed to be sober for the past thirty years. His legacy lived on and his number 56 was chosen by Lawrence Taylor, as a completely appropriate tribute.