Year(s): 1982-1985

Baseball seems like a game where you really, really have to focus. With pitches clocked at 100 MPH, and line drives shot at an even higher speed you'd think that drugs and baseball would mix like India and Pakistan. That's why it's so confusing to see this list loaded with baseball players who like to get, uh, loaded. Keith Hernandez, former Mets legend and current Mets broadcaster, admitted to snorting coke prior to games. He too was forced to testify in "The Pittsburgh trials," where he estimated that 40 percent of baseball players were snorting their paychecks, before quickly backtracking. To be fair to Hernandez and his fellow MLBers, it was the '80s. Now, if that spot where that gorgeous 'stache used to live is still sporting drug residue then we'll cast the first stone or, more probably, still won't give a shit.