Year(s): 1998

In fairness David Wells (ironically pictured above being hoisted by both Darryl Strawberry and saluted by Tim Raines) said he was only "half-drunk," after an all-night bender at a Saturday Night Live casting party. That goes with the territoy of a massive market. It isn't something that would happen in say, Anaheim.

But the next day he was facing the Minnesota Twins (70-92) so sobriety didn't really seem like a big deal. His eyes were bloodshot, his head was pounding, and he was sporting the cap of another aforementioned and bloated Yankee legend, Babe Ruth. He was woken an hour after going to sleep, at 6 a.m., by his son. His pregame bullpen session sucked so badly that he hucked a ball into the stands. And yet he went 27 up and 27 down on the Minnesotans. The self-revelation from Wells was another punch to the kidneys of the '98 Twins who now have to suffer the eternal shame of getting blanked in every column by a heavyset sluggard who could barely stand up straight.