Year(s): 1914-1935

Parents who tell their kids about how many home runs "The Babe" would've hit if he didn't begin his career as a pitcher probably only do so because they don't want to explain what he was able to do after a few brews. After all, Major League Baseball was his Beer League. It's insane that he could be plastered and still able to be one of the great athletes of all time (especially considering that he was a freakin' balloon). LeBron spends more time in bed than Snow White, averaging 12 hours of sleep a night. Babe was a pig with chicken legs sustaining on whiskey and hot dogs.

We're not sure if that entitles him to less respect, or more. But, what it does raise is some interesting differences in the phony outrage of modern life. We live in an era where Rob Gronkowski gets called out for dancing with his shirt off. So what would happen if a modern day Babe Ruth (let's call him Miguel Cabrera) was so shithoused that he needed to use his bat as a cane to make it to the plate without collapsing?