PEDs are the new norm. Like a person with an associate's degree, or a driver lacking GPS they're going nowhere. It's an unfortunate side effect to living in an era with the Internet, digital cable, and smartphones. Take the bad with the good. But what about performance diminishing drugs? Some guys are used to balancing substance abuse with the rigors of professional athleticism. From the days of Babe Ruth, to Ricky Williams testing piss cups with dope, to Lawrence Taylor's nose keeping Colombia's economy from collapsing. Using drugs when you have a day off is different than getting lit before the opening snap, whistle, pitch, or whatever. Surely, no one would be so careless with their career that they'd do that. Wrong! (Or right, depending on what you guessed).

Nothing makes you feel like a bigger piece of crap then the fact that these guys succeeded high as a fuckin' jet. While your high school career saw your batting average hovering around the Mendoza line, or you struggled to be a sixth man these guys snorted (or blazed) pregame and still gelled with the best on the planet. In fairness this is probably more common than you'd think, but these are just the guys who admitted it. If everyone was as honest, this slideshow would've taken three years to complete. Anyway, here's A History of Athlete Performances on Recreational Drugs.

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