We already thought the Aston martin V12 Vantage S, with its 565 hp 6.0L V12, was pretty damn fast, but apparently Aston is giving serious thought to makeing the Vantage even faster.

This would be achieved by boosting the power to 600 horses, and cutting 100 kg (220 lbs) from teh car which would be "relatively easy." Aston would simply drop some lightweight seats in there, simplify the cabin, and throw away the A/C, as well as potentially coming up with some new carbon fiber parts and magnesium wheels. The power to weight ratio would be similar to the Ferrari 458's, making it the fastest Aston by a wide margin.

Expect shorter gearing, faster acelleration, and a big-ass fixed wing on what will be called the V12 Vantage GT3.

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[via Autocar