Did you miss the Thunder/Warriors game last night? Then you missed what some people are already calling the best game of the 2013-14 NBA season. Oklahoma City and Golden State went back and forth all night until, with less than ten seconds left on the clock and the Thunder trailing by two, Russell Westbrook took a pass from Kevin Durant and did this:

GAME OVER! Er, right? Not quite. The Warriors still had one more chance to get the win with 2.3 seconds left on the clock. And they called on Andre Iguodala to try and help them get it:

BALL GAME! Later, Iguodala admitted that that was not what the final play was supposed to look like. But Thabo Sefolosha played some solid D on Iguodala. So Iggy was forced to improvise and pulled a page straight out of Kobe Bryant's playbook to give the Warriors the win.

"That wasn't the play," he said. "The play was for me to get it, fake hand-off, and then look for my shot. But they switched, Thabo is a great defender, he denied me top side. I took a page out of Kobe's book, cutting backdoor. The baseline shot, I've seen it a million times, it worked for me once."

It sure did. Great win for the Warriors and a great game for all the NBA fans out there.

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[via Sports Illustrated]